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  • Mindfulness Challenge #11: The Mirror Technique

    I recently heard about the Mirror Technique, I think on a podcast…  It described how looking into the mirror daily and identifying self affirmation can help increase self esteem, reduce urges to self harm, and a encourage a few other positive outcomes.  I don’t remember the detail and it all sounded good so I thought the concept would make for a wonderful mindfulness challenge.  If the results are positive,  maybe the practice may stick and be added to your mindfulness playlist or not–it’s all good.  So, let’s give it a shot.

    • Find comfortable location with a mirror.
    • Get naked.  So maybe also ensure the location feels secure enough.
    • Stand or sit in front of the mirror.
    • Take a couple of clearing breaths by inhaling through your nostrils and exhaling through pursed lips.  If it helps, imagine that you are using your breath to cool steaming hot aromatic tea of your choice.  
    • Look at yourself in the mirror and slowly scan your body from your toes or midsection of your body, depending on the size of your mirror, up to the crown of your head.
    • Repeat the scan from the top to the bottom and this time to a slow count of 20 as you move your gaze from the crown of your head down to wherever your mirror ends.
    • Identify and say out loud something positive that you notice.  Positive only (imagine escorting the negative self talk out the door for the moment) and it can be anything–I am here today looking at myself in a mirror.  I love my eyes.  I like the shape of my lips.  I am okay with the way my smile looks today. ANYTHING works. 
    • Notice what you notice and go with it.

    Bonus tip: To get started, keep it simple and start by identifying one thing.  Before your next practice, set a goal number OR roll a set of dice and let the universe provide the number and go with it.