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  • Mindfulness Challenge #12: My Favorite Mantra

    The Yoga Sutras is a collection of 195 or 196 (the number is debated depending on who you ask) Sanskrit aphorisms on the theory and practice of yoga.  I translate this as simple mantras or sayings that may help guide us to balance (and increasing frequency of feeling sane during chaos..).  I am far from an expert on the Sutras and am likely over simplifying and as one of my yoga teachers often said, “sometimes shit just works and you go with it.” Thank you Cathy!  My experience is that I have practiced the Sutras along side yoga for two decades and they have provided solace.  With that, below is Yoga Sutra 1.2 aka My Favorite and Go-To Mantra when feeling like I want to lose my shit.  

    Yogas chitta vritti nirodha (If you would like to hear how it sounds, click on link)

    Start by taking a deep inhale through your nostrils, if available, and allowing your belly to round out.   

    Pause for a moment.  

    As you exhale and allow your belly to flatten, say out loud: “Yogas chitta vritti nirodha”.  Notice if you start to smile.  My experience has been that I can not say those words aloud without smiling–like physically it’s not possible and would love to hear about your experience.  

    Anyway, repeat a few times.  Notice what you notice.  

    This Sutra translates roughly to term equanimity: that state where the fluctuations of the mind are totally removed, we are at one with everything and all is what it is AKA Radical Acceptance which we’ll go into in the future.