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  • Mindfulness Challenge #2: Tea Time

    It’s Tea Time! Or if you prefer, grab a coffee, hot chocolate, or any drink that brings you joy. Find a comfortable place to sit down, allow your self to settle in and hold your drink in both hands for a few moments. Take an inhale and exhale. Close your eyes and slowly raise the cup towards your nose. Take a few more inhales and exhales.

    What are you noticing?

    Now, take a sip (eyes open or closed). What are you noticing now?

    What do you smell, is the liquid cold or hot, how does the cup feel in your hands, how does liquid feel as it enters your mouth and goes down your throat? What thoughts come to your mind, if any? Notice your breath.

    Repeat. What do you notice after the second, third and final sip?

    Take your time and enjoy!