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  • Mindfulness Challenge #3: Loving-Kindness Meditation

    Google Loving-Kindness Mediation and you will find a number of videos, tips, and guided versions. They share a similar goal to use your thoughts to guide your mind and body into a positive space. This practice can be done in the car, on the couch, during a walk or any time that you feel the need for a mind-shift.

    1-Think of 3-4 positive phrases about yourself starting with May I (e.g. May I be Healthy, May I be Safe, May I be Happy).

    2- Take a 2-3 intentional breaths with each phrase. On the inhale, think or say May I and as you exhale, think or say the rest of your phrase.

    3- Replace the I with You (e.g. May you be Happy) for each positive phrases and follow step #2.