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  • Mindfulness Challenge #9: Ride the Wave

    Visualize yourself sitting on top of a surf board in the ocean.  What are you noticing?  Thinking I have no idea because I can not surf or swim is okay too and in that case, note the thought and imagine yourself in the future after you have learned to swim and surf-allow your mind to play with it a bit.  What is the temperature of the water?  Do you feel a breeze?  What do you see, smell, and hear?  

    Now imagine the waves becoming stronger and you are preparing to catch the next wave. What has shifted for you? Has the temperature of the water or air shifted?  Any other changes in you senses?  What emotions are you feeling?

    Now imagine noticing a storm brewing out in the distance. Notice any changes to your senses or emotions.  

    Visualize yourself attempting to stop the storm or control the waves.  What does that look and feel like?  

    Attempting to control emotions can feel similar to that experience.  Emotions cause a physiological response in the body. Your heart rate may go up or down, your limbs may shake, you may become tearful, your breath shifts-your body reacts.  Many times, we feel the urge to resist or stop the body from responding. 

    Riding the Wave offers another option.  Imagine managing emotions as if you were surfing a wave.  The waves are the emotions, the weather is life and can shift on a dime, and the surfer is you.  At one point, you are sitting on the board and all is calm. 10 seconds later, you see a 10 ft wave coming-how do you react?  Add a storm brewing. This time, visualize yourself riding that wave and allow yourself to practice O.N.E.


    Name the feeling

    Experience it without judgement

    If you crash, get back on the board and prepare for the the next O.N.E.