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  • Mindfulness Post #5: Jelly Beans

    Wondering what to do with your left over Easter candy? Try this mindful indulgence activity.  

    • Select 3-5 pieces of your favorite candy (I tried this with Jelly Beans and fell in love again with my favorite childhood treat) .  
      • What did you choose?  What inspired you to select that candy (left over from the family, the color, a memory of you enjoying the candy, you haven’t had time to eat it yet..)?  
    • If possible, pick up one piece at a time.  
    • Place it in the palm of your hand and move it around with your fingers.  
      • What do you notice?  Is it smooth, is it melting, what color is it, what do you smell?  
    • Now raise it up to your nose and inhale.  As you exhale, notice if anything shifted.  
    • Take another inhale and on the exhale place the candy into your mouth.  What is the first thing you notice?  The taste, texture, instinct to chew?  
    • Notice and go with it.  

    Repeat 1-4 times; Notice anything that may shift and most importantly enjoy!