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  • Mindfulness Resources

    When practicing mindfulness, you may be encouraged to become curious and to notice the sensations that are happening in your body, what emotion(s) you are experiencing, and to identify the thoughts that may be flowing through your mind.  As you first begin your journey with mindfulness you may feel awkward or struggle to find the words to describe your experience. This may be your first experience being asked or giving yourself permission and time to turn your attention inward.  To help get started with your practice, some examples are listed below.  It is not a complete list and there are no right or wrong responses to the mindfulness prompts.  Hope this helps you kick start your practice and enjoy becoming curious.  

    Body Sensations


    Core Emotions



    Thoughts are often related to our sense of responsibility, safety, choice, power, or values and tend to come from a space of judgment.  Below is a “Greatest Hit List”  of the negative cognitions provided by EMDRIA


    I should have known better

    I should have done something

    I did something wrong

    I am to blame

    I cannot be trusted

    My best is not good enough


    I cannot trust myself

    I cannot trust anyone

    I am in danger

    I am not safe

    I cannot show my emotions


    I am not in control

    I have to be perfect/please everyone

    I am weak

    I am trapped

    I have no options


    I cannot get what I want

    I cannot handle it/stand it

    I cannot succeed

    I cannot stand up for myself

    I cannot let it out

    I am powerless/helpless


    I am not good enough

    I am a bad person./ I am terrible

    I am permanently damaged

    I am defective

    I am worthless/inadequate

    I am insignificant/I am not important

    I deserve to die

    I deserve only bad things

    I am stupid

    I do not belong

    I am different

    I am a failure

    I am ugly/My body is ugly

    I am alone